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V-clamp Quick Open Multi-bag Filter Vessel
    Publish time 2015-11-30 10:50    

V-clamp Quick Open Multi-bag Filter Vessel

Part Number: MF4A2-10-040A-SV


It is so easy now to open and close your vessel for changing filter bag in just 2 minutes!


V-clamp quick open multi-bag vessel with construction from 3 bags to 12 bags to meet larger liquid flow rate requirement, open and close vessel for changing filter bag in just 2 minutes, all bag filter vessel design in ASME VIII see VIII DIV I standard.


- V-clamp rapid opening and closing design

- Open and close cycles in less than 30 seconds

- Fast, safe, simple, high efficiency, high productivity

- For high volume application and processes demanding frequent bag change-out

- 3-bag to 12-bag (#02) housing designs available

- Flow rate: 60-480 m3/h

- Maximum operating pressure: 10bar

- Maximum operating temperature: 160 Deg C with Viton seals

- Material of construction: SS304, SS316 or carbon steel

- Surface finish: SS-bead blasted or mechanical polish, CS-painted



Filter Bags Size: #2


Theoretical Flow Rate: 160m3/hour

Maximum operating pressure: 10bar

Filter Area: 2.0m2

Seal Material: Buna, EPDM, Viton, PTFE, Viton+PTFE

Standard Inlet/Outlet: 3” flange

Surface Finish: Glass Bead Blasted (standard)


MFSV Engineering Specifications


Type No.

Bag Size

No. of Bags

Theoretical Flow Rate

Filter Area





80 m3/hour

1.0 m2

3” - 4”




120 m3/hour

1.5 m2

3” - 4”




160 m3/hour

2.0 m2

3” - 6”




200 m3/hour

2.5 m2

4” - 6”




240 m3/hour

3.0 m2

4” - 6”




320 m3/hour

4.0 m2

6” - 8”




400 m3/hour

5.0 m2

8” - 10”




480 m3/hour

6.0 m2

8” - 10”


Our durable bag filter design to give you the convenient in handling your filtration process, easy opening mechanism and bag filter fixing ring to ensure good sealing for both plastic collar fully welded bag filter and sewn felt or NMO bag filter.


We have a wide choice of filter medium from 0.5 micron to 1,200 micron, different material composition likes PP, PE, Nylon to ensure its Chemical compatibility.


High quality control in our construction of filter bag ensure no fiber migration during filtration process and no contamination to your liquid.


Bag Filter and Cartridge Filter proved to be most effective in following applications due to easy handling and cost effective as compared to other traditional system likes filter press & self cleaning system.

- Chemicals Filtration

- Petrochemicals Filtration

- DI Water Application in Semiconductors & Electronic Industry

- Food & Beverage

- Fine Chemicals Filtration

- Solvent Filtration

- Edible Oil Filtration

- Adhesive Filtration

- Automotive

- Paint Filtration

- Ink Filtration

- Metal Washing


Please contact us for recommendation of the right system for your application.

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