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Absolute Rated Filter Bag
    Publish time 2016-05-26 16:28    
Absolute Rated Filter Bag

ZQ Filtration manufactures a complete line of High Efficiency filter bags.  These filter bags are effective in applications where higher filtration efficiencies are needed.  All High Efficiency filter bags are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit common industry filter bag housings. Custom size High Efficiency filter bags can be manufactured.
Our high performance absolute rated filter bag designed for your high filtration efficiency particle removal application. We have four ranges of absolute efficiency bags for your choices:
- LCR-100 series
- LCR-500 series
- AGF series
- PGF series

LCR-100 & LCR-500 absolute rated filter bag designed for your long service life, high dirt load application with demand for absolute particle removal efficiency, it is also effective in removing gelatinous contamination due to its unique structure.

AGF & PGF series absolute rated filter bag designed for high filtration efficiency particle removal of up to 99%, is an ideal replacement for expensive pleated cartridges for cost effective and demanding applications. AGF & PGF bags are fully welded, covered with a layer of PP woven material, to make it easy for you to install the filter bag, as well as prevent fiber migration.

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