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Duplex Bag Filter Vessel
    Publish time 2015-12-11 10:20    
Duplex Bag Filter Vessel

Duplex Bag Filter Vessel can designed to be Top Entry DuPlex Bag Filter Housings or Side Entry Side Entry DuPlex Bag Filter housing.


- Design according to ASME standard

- Standard - All wetted parts 316 Stainless Steel. Carbon Steel and other materials available.

- 10 bar Working Pressure at 160 Deg C

- Adjustable Leg Assembly and Manifold Supports allow elevation to be "field" adjusted.

- Standard #2 bag size (7 inch x 30 inch)

- Designed for use with heavy duty, high efficiency bags and standard thickness conventional bags.

- Surface finish: SS-bead blasted or mechanical polish, CS-painted


Duplex Bag Filter Vessel can designed to be Top Entry DuPlex Bag Filter Housings or Side Entry Side Entry DuPlex Bag Filter housing, are available with 2 or 4 "Plexed" housings and in valved or non-valved optional configurations. Isolation valves allow one vessel's media to be changed while the other is left on stream filtering. These over the top type design, high quality industrial and commercial service vessels, are designed to withstand years of field and plant operation. The standard configuration of these units assures that they can be easily incorporated into your system. In applications requiring high volume filtration at moderate efficiency,  DuPlex Bag Vessels will provide rugged and dependable service at a price that makes them the sure choice.


The design of the housings allow the use of standard and high efficiency bags and a wide variety of O-ring materials with no change in design. This means that whether it's hydrocarbons, glycol, coolant, inks or water,  DuPlex model bag housings will fit the need.


Specification (Changes possible w/o notice)                         

Size 01

Size 02

Type code



Max. flow rate  (m³/h)



Filter area  (m²)



Filter housing volume  (litre)



Filter housing weight  (kg)

approx. 78

approx. 90

Installation height  (cm)

approx. 118

approx. 156

Installation space  (cm)

approx. 130 x 40

Mode of installation


Material of construction   


SS304 /SS316 (wetted housing parts)

Restrainer basket

SS304 /SS316


SS 304   (swing eye bolts and ring nuts)

Other parts

SS 304

Operating data

max. 10 bar / 120 °C respectively 15bra / 30 °C

Housing connections

N1/ N2 (in let/ outlet)

DN50 / PN10

N3/N4 (lid hole)

1/4" BSP female w/o plug

Hinged lid

standard position at 90°/270°


Bag Filter and Cartridge Filter proved to be most effective in following applications due to easy handling and cost effective as compared to other traditional system likes filter press & self cleaning system.


We have a wide choice of filter medium from 0.5 micron to 1,200 micron, different material composition likes PP, PE, Nylon to ensure its Chemical compatibility.


High quality control in our construction of filter bag ensure no fiber migration during filtration process and no contamination to your liquid.


- Chemicals Filtration

- Petrochemicals Filtration

- DI Water Application in Semiconductors & Electronic Industry

- Food & Beverage

- Fine Chemicals Filtration

- Solvent Filtration

- Edible Oil Filtration

- Adhesive Filtration

- Automotive

- Paint Filtration

- Ink Filtration

- Metal Washing


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