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PP Bag Filter Vessel
    Publish time 2015-11-28 16:24    

PP Bag Filter Vessel

Part Number: PF1P5-6-020A


Our Polypropylene vessel is a light weight, one piece molded strong and economical vessel with UV inhibitor for all weather durability able to solve your filtration requirement for corrosive chemicals.


The simple design of threaded lid allow you to operate for bag changing with any help of tools.



- All Polypropylene construction, including bolt

- Superior corrosion resistance

- Unique one-piece molded body for easy cleaning

- The cover is hand-removable without the need for any tools to open

- Maximum operating pressure: 6.0 bar / 80 Deg C



Filter Bags Size: #5 (150mm*550mm)

Material: Polypropylene

Theoretical Flow Rate: 18m3/hour

Filter Area: 0.20m2

Operating data: max. 6.0 bar / 80 °C

Standard Inlet/Outlet: 2" NPT female & ANSI 2“ flange



Filter Bags Size: #2 (180mm*820mm)


Theoretical Flow Rate: 40m3/hour

Filter Area: 0.50m2

Operating data: max. 6.0 bar / 80 °C

Standard Inlet/Outlet: 2" NPT female & ANSI 2“ flange


PF Engineering Specifications


Type code



Max. flow rate


18 m³/h

Filter area

0.50 m²

0.2 m²

Filter housing weight

approx. 14 kg

approx. 7.3 kg

Installation height

approx. 200 cm

approx. 98 cm

Installation space

approx. 60 cm x 60 cm

approx. 50 cm x 50 cm

Mode of installation



Operating data

max. 6.0 bar / 80 °C

max. 6.0 bar / 80 °C

Housing connections (N1/N2)

2" NPT female & ANSI 2“ flange

2" NPT female & ANSI 2“ flange

Packing: corrugated box

128 cm x 37 cm x 37 cm

78 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm



Our durable bag filter design to give you the convenient in handling your filtration process, easy opening mechanism and bag filter fixing ring to ensure good sealing for both plastic collar fully welded bag filter and sewn felt or NMO bag filter.


We have a wide choice of filter medium from 0.5 micron to 1,200 micron, different material composition likes PP, PE, Nylon to ensure its Chemical compatibility.


High quality control in our construction of filter bag ensure no fiber migration during filtration process and no contamination to your liquid.


Bag Filter and Cartridge Filter proved to be most effective in following applications due to easy handling and cost effective as compared to other traditional system likes filter press & self cleaning system.

- Chemicals Filtration

- Petrochemicals Filtration

- DI Water Application in Semiconductors & Electronic Industry

- Food & Beverage

- Fine Chemicals Filtration

- Solvent Filtration

- Edible Oil Filtration

- Adhesive Filtration

- Automotive

- Paint Filtration

- Ink Filtration

- Metal Washing


Please contact us for recommendation of the right system for your application.

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