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Light Duty Cartridge Vessel
    Publish time 2015-12-11 14:35    
Light Duty Cartridge Vessel

Light Duty Cartridge Vessel

Part Number: LCF-320-A-6-025B


- 3,5 and 7 Rounds to meet most of the filtration requirement

- Quick opening V-Clamp closure design

- Available in 3, 5 and 7 rounds of up to 40 inch cartridge length

- SS Material - 304, 316

- Inlet/Outlet - 2 inch NPT /ANSI Flange JIS and DIN Flange are also available

- O-ring - EPDM (standard)

- Glass Blasted and mechanical polishing surface, electro-polishing an option

- Hydraulic Testing Pressure:7.5 bar

- Maximum Operating Pressure: 6.0 bar

Bag Filter and Cartridge Filter proved to be most effective in following applications due to easy handling and cost effective as compared to other traditional system likes filter press & self cleaning system.

- Chemicals Filtration

- Petrochemicals Filtration

- DI Water Application in Semiconductors & Electronic Industry

- Food & Beverage

- Fine Chemicals Filtration

- Solvent Filtration

- Edible Oil Filtration

- Adhesive Filtration

- Automotive

- Paint Filtration

- Ink Filtration

- Metal Washing


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